Interview with Pangea Dreams founder, Tracy Komlos.

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This is a special interview series article with a Toronto based Free Spirit Tracy Komlos. A true girl boss that has been following her passions and dreams since she was 19. Tracy is well known for her Instagram @Tracy_Komlos which is full of wanderlust posts and for her blogger retreat company Pangea Dreams.

Tracy Komlos

In this interview Tracy shares her life journey; from her early start on Instagram to launching and running her own company, Pangea Dreams. Learn about her inspirations, her favourite quotes as well as her keys to success.

Thank you Tracy for being awesome and sharing your awesomeness with the Free Spirit community.

Lets get right into the good stuff!

What/who inspired you to start your Instagram?
I started travelling at a young age and when I was 19, I went on my first trip to India. After that trip I went on to explore South East Asia. During my travels I accumulated a lot of photos which I wanted to share with my friends and family. I wasn’t a fan of Facebook at the time, because their photos were stored in an album and I didn’t like the aspect of having to click through constantly. There was this new platform, Instagram, which I enjoying using because it allowed me to upload just my favorite photos in a gallery format. In terms of growing my Instagram, I used a few hashtags here and there and my numbers grew naturally, because of the content I was posting.

What inspired you to start Pangea Dreams?
Pangea Dreams happened naturally, as my Instagram grew, more people began reaching out to me via email and DMs. At one point I remember having 70 messages asking me questions like “how do you get to travel every where,” “what are your Instagram tips,” “how can I create a life for myself on my own terms” so on and so forth. These messages kept coming and I quickly realized that there was a huge market out there that had not yet been tapped into.

Pangea Dreams offers 7 day all-inclusive retreats for female creatives in beautiful and culturally diverse destinations across the world such as Indonesia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. Pangea Dreams’ retreats are hosted by industry experts in influencer marketing, brand collaborations, wellness, women empowerment and photography. We teach the skills required to build a successful online brand and excel in the digital world.

Where do you offer these retreats?
The first location for Pangea Dreams was in Bali. I’ve always had a connection with Bali, something that keeps me coming back. So naturally, for our first retreat, it was very special for me and for the Pangea brand to host it in Bali. We’ve grown and we are now we are offering trips to different exciting locations such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Mexico. Our most recent retreat, taking place this November will be in Tulum, Mexico. You can view more information about our retreats on the Pangea Dreams website HERE

What can one expect attending one of these retreats?
Every one has their own unique reason for attending the retreat. But the one thing that is certain is that every one who attends leaves with a different perspective, zest for life and social media and marketing skills that will allow them to do amazing things as they build the confidence to follow their passions. Women supporting each other and encouraging their creativity is a constant theme on our retreats. This is a major reason why I love what I do.

Some activities people can expect during these retreats are:

  • 2-4 hours daily of workshops focused on photography, content creation and digital media strategy
  • Tips on how to grow an authentic following + build an engaged community
  • How to use Lightroom
  • Meditation sessions + self healing workshops
  • Learn how to work with international brands and hotels
  • One-on-one consulting sessions with industry experts
  • Optional travel activities

We’ve had ladies open up and share their life stories, ladies move on with social media skills ready to run companies. It’s amazing to see. It’s an empowering and life changing experience.

Carly from @light.travels shares her experience.

“Since the retreat, I’ve actually been able to make a stable career out of my Instagram and working with brands. My photos from the retreat + the lessons I took away on how to create content completely transformed the quality and aesthetic of my Instagram.”

Where would you say you get your girl boss nature from?

I’ve always had this feeling that I wouldn’t be working for any one. It’s difficult to describe but it’s always been there. I had this funny issue with authority, I never really enjoyed listening to teachers or people telling me what to do. I guess my subconscious knew I wouldn’t be working for anyone but myself.

You’ve achieved a lot in your life, and come off as a confident person. Do you ever get scared or have any insecurities?

Yes of course, I have my worries all the time but I keep going. You need to have tunnel vision, keep your eye on the prize. A great tip is to get rid of distractions, the nay sayers and negative people. Focus on your goal and surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you.

What are some of your key to success?
Set realistic goals for yourself so you are not feeling overwhelmed or discouraged
Never loose sight of what your goals are
Be open to other people’s suggestions, talking through ideas, and brainstorming with others is always a great way to flush out ideas. That being said, it is important to trust your intuition at the end of the day.

What are your favourite quotes about success?

“Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners.”

“There is no such thing as over night success. You have to work hard to get what you want.”

“Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it”

Who inspires you to keep pushing?
Definitely my parents, they raised me to be passionate and made me feel everything is possible.
A few celebrities who inspire me are; Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah Winfrey. What I admire about them is how they empower others, especially women and they paved their own paths for themselves.

What’s your definition of a Free Spirit?
A Free spirit is someone who beats to their own drum, they do what their hearts tells them to, even though it’s different than what society expects. They are people who are brave enough to follow their dreams.

Thank you so much Tracy for sharing your story with us and for organizing the best blogger retreats in the world. Hopefully you continue to inspire thousands of women in the future. Keep shining!

Follow Tracy’s journey here: @tracy_komlos & @pangeadreams

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