Why I love Yoko Ono

Hello Free Spirits,

This is a quick post about appreciating one of my favourite artists alive out there. Her name is Yoko Ono and in my eyes she is a legend as well as an inspiration. Why? Because she is all for spreading peace and love in her life as well as her art work. As opposed to other art work, which have you idolizing the artists name and admiring the artists physical creation. Yoko Ono’s art installations let you admire the universal truth which is love. And whats even better is that her work allow you and your fellow humans be the creators and artists. I’ve had a chance to see two of her art installations while I was in Washington D.C and they happened to be the most memorable and also my favourite art pieces while I was there.

The first one was at the Hirshorn smithosian gallery. It was called “my mommy is beautiful” and consisted simply of a blank wall where people visiting were encouraged to tape their mothers photographs to the wall or write a note of thanks/appreciation using the pieces of paper available by the display.

yoko ones art display my mommy is beautiful

I was lucky enough to add my note on the wall(can you find it in the photo above?) Good news is, you could still participate in this work of art by posting it online.

my mommy is beautiful art exhibit by yoko ono

Another one of my favourite art installations was the Wish Tree. Located in the Hirshorn sculpture garden there was a tree decorated with small pieces of paper each with a wish written on it. The work builds on the Japanese tradition of tying prayers to trees. Returning the paper back to its source evokes an offering.

Through such a simple act as wishing and creating, we experience a collective, and powerful, hope for the future.

In addition to creating these wonderful works of art Yoko Ono is a bad ass for being a anti war and peace activist. In 1969 a time when the Vietnam war raged on, Yoko along with Lennon held two week-long Bed-Ins for Peace, one at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam and one at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montreal. These bed in’s were were intended to be non-violent protests against wars.

yoko ono and lennon bed in for peace

Bed in for peace.

How awesome is that? I’m so grateful there the world has amazing artists like Yoko Ono to spread positivity and love. Do you know any artists that use their art to promote positivity and love? If yes I  would love to hear about them.

Peace and Love my Free Spirits!

Till next time!

-Nicole <3


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