Tips for living a Minimalist Lifestyle and Saving money

Hello Free Spirits,

There are many benefits to living a Minimalist lifestyle. There are certain people who live off only items they find in their suitcase. Although this is a great idea for those who mastered the minimalist lifestyle, that is a little too extreme for my liking so I decided to adopt my own minimalist lifestyle. To me living a minimalist lifestyle means cutting out on the un-necessary things in life such as constantly buying new clothes at the mall, buying expensive cosmetics and makeup, removing clutter in my room and papers. It also meat cutting relying on more efficient means of transportation, cutting out junk food, meats and sugar from my diet.

Maintaining this lifestyle requires a change in your mindset as well as the outlook on the environment around you. Take a trip to your local thrift store and look at all the stuff people gave away for free, now think of how many other thrift stores are open around your province, then in your country. Now imagine all the malls and how much stuff they sell there. Try to imagine where all of this stuff goes when people no longer need or desire something? It ends up in one of the few scenarios:being burnt, ends up in landfills or sits and accumulates dust. Neither of these scenarios benefit yourself or the environment, your stuff is killing the environment or interfering with its beauty.

How did the world come to be like this? A few of my theories advertisers thrive on the insecurity of their “customers”. For many of them money places value over ethical labour treatment and conditions as well as the well being of their customers. Take for example cosmetic companies that their poisonous products on animals, and then you end up buying them. Or H&M which uses child labour or cheap labour. The conditions these people work at in these factories where your clothes comes from are none I would want for my family or friends. So why support it, I don’t not anymore. Advertisers especially those in fashion magazines use dolled up models with a pound of makeup and photoshop. The media make pimples,zits and bumps on lips look unattractive. Why? So you can go out and buy the product they are selling which will remove this for you. The media glamorizes working hard long hours for your boss but they see bags under the eyes as disgusting and something you need to cover up. Most of this is common sense but for me its important to share because this is the exact mentality which motivated me to stop the consumerism hype.

I basically said fuck the system and decided to live life my own way. A more minimalist life. Here is what I did:

  • Promised myself I would give up going to the mall for fun.
  • Took a nice hard long look at my closet and realized that I wear the same 5 outfits over again for the past 6 months. All the stuff in my closet totalled more than $4,000! $4,000 that is like a nice week long trip around Europe and a week long stay at an all inclusive down south. This shocked me at how much money I spent on clothes. Not happening any more.
  • I try to use the bus as often as possible.
  • Sold all my old electronics
  • In the process of selling, or giving away the clothes I don’t need.
  • Brought my own canvas bag/old plastic bags when grocery shopping. Never take plastic bags from the store.
  • Get rid of extra storage large(drawers) in your room. Usually these are filled with un-necessary stuff.
  • Avoid going out to big chain restaurants.
  • Wash your clothes once a week all at once.
  • Buy large quantity lotions to avoid using lots of small containers.
  • Bought my soap in bulk, it reduces the use of packaging.

So there you have it my tips on being eco friendly and living a low waste lifestyle. Do you have any tips for leading a minimalist life?

Have a great day Free Spirits!

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