New Virtual Reality Project

Hello Free Spirits,

I’m starting a new project! It’s the 360 video and photo project, and there is no way of stopping me. When travelling I bring along my 360 camera and I film all the cool spots. I’m that weirdo tourist who is attached to their phone constantly capturing content. The things I do for my loyal Free Spirits . ❤️I love you guys. Now I am ready to share the videos and photos with the world! I already launched a YouTube channel, Instagram and scheduled my Facebook posts, so that you can receive the content every week(new photo every day). Be sure to follow along here by liking my page on Facebook @360videotourguide & 360 Travel Videos 

Here are a few photo previews of all the cool things my 360 camera does!

360 videos and photos

It takes a full panorama shot(including the sky and ground)

disney 360 photo

And my favourite feature is the little planet feature! 

It instantly makes me the only inhabitant on the planet of my choice. 

little planet photo outside the chateau Frontenac

Hello Chateau Frontenac!

student photo with the 360 camera
What is a 360 photo/video?
The photos above show you the cool effects possible with the 360 camera but there is more to these photos than a static picture. The coolest feature is that you can move around the photo using your phone. You’ve probably seen a few of these around social media. You click on the photo/video and then as you move your screen around you are able to see all around you.
Try it out with one my photos on my Facebook page!

Enjoy and if you like what you see Like me on Facebook, because I will be adding more 360 photos and videos daily ! And if you enjoy the photos above you would love my Instagram page: @360tourguide & @360travelvideos for some more awesome pics!

Have a beautiful day.

Love, Nicole


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