Travelling with my Jord Watch + Giveaway

Hello Free Spirits,

I hope that you are all enjoying the month of June which also happens to be the most popular month for travelling. How exciting! I plan to do a lot of travelling this year and I partnered with Jord watches to accompany me on the journey.

free spirit with jord watch

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook you know that I had a huge career change take place about a month ago. As a result I am back to doing tours again, something which I am very happy about. This change means that I get to travel somewhere new almost every week, something I am very grateful for. During my career transition I had some time off to go visit my boyfriend in Washington.trip to washington flat lay

My Jord watch accompanied me on this trip. I named my watch Frankie, and he is made out of my favourite wood Sandalwood. He is nice and light, he lets my skin breathe and not get too sweaty. And after a long day out in the sun I didn’t see any embarrassing tan lines from the watch shape.

It rained a bit while I was in Washington but Frankie was able to survive the trip and still work fine as his exterior was splash proof.jord wood watch

Frankie is very photogenic and doesn’t need a filter on Instagram. My friends were a huge fan of him and most of them have entered the Jord give away contest! Have you? If you haven’t do so in the link below for your chance to win a special prize.

Have a great week my Free Spirits!

Thank You to Jord watches for the wonderful watch I will continue to show Frankie off to the world!

Thank you photographer and Youtuber Katie Steckly for the two wonderful photos!




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