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Hello Free Spirits,

I love nature, so naturally, anything green and colourful catches my attention, but most of the time I have no idea what I’m looking at. I only know a few basic plants by their proper names.. rose, succulent, cacti, ferns, sunflower, lily, aloe vera, maple, lavender, christmas tree(lol), you know….the basics. But that all changed when I downloaded this app called Plant Net, its basically like the Shazam for plants and I am obsessed.

It’s so nice to know what you are looking at and it is really great if you like making bouquets for people out of wildflowers. Next time your friends ask what is that flower in that bouquet you got them from the grocery store/florist, just whip out your phone snap a pic and bam you have the answer faster than google will find it for you.

I played around with the app for a bit and tested its accuracy. Here is what went down.

Super easy! Sometimes you might not get the accurate response come up first but that it okay because the app presents you with related plants and you can look through a few photos to see which one looks most similar. If you see its accurate you can save it and pull up the info later.

Here are some more shots I tested out!

I even tried out my faux plants for the fun of it and guess what?!

It was accurate 🙂 It guessed Aloe Vera, how cool!

While some other faux plants that I pulled up were a little questionable…

It pulled up a possible papaya or mango plant.. Or maybe my plant is actually a little papaya/mango and not a succulent? Hahaha! Im cool with that, I will stick to calling it a papaya plant from now on, it’s much cooler anyways.

This app is able to classify fruits as well! This is so awesome, I could just picture some progressive hippie using this in the jungle before they meditate.

And there we go, we have the pineapple in the results.

My Free Spirits, how cool is that?! I think its pretty darn awesome. Feel free to share some of your findings from the Plant Net app.

Download the app for free on Android or I-phone Here

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Till next time(soon)!

Love, Nicole


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