Free wildflower seeds! Let’s save the bees

Hello Free Spirits,

I am excited to share this post with you because I have a little gift or two available for you to enjoy! Cheerios is doing a Bring Back the Bees campaign, where they send you a packet of veseys wildflower seeds. Spice up your garden with some flowers 🙂 Get your free seeds here Claim your Seeds. So why are they giving out wildflowers? Bee’s love them and as developments and farms take over the bee’s natural habitat’s this campaign is important to keep their habitat thriving.

According to Cheerios, the bee populations in Canada remain unstable. But other research suggests that honey bee populations are at an all time high.(Bees matter) Either way it doesn’t hurt to keep them thriving and by planting wildflowers in our yards we can collectively create a healthy eco system for them to thrive.

Architecture wouldn't be as beautiful without flowers

Architecture wouldn’t be as beautiful without flowers

Why are Bees Important?

  1. They are Cute
  2. Pollinators like honey bees play a vital role in agricultural success in Canada — they are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat and $2 billion of Canadian agriculture.
  3. No bees= no food
  4. No bees=no flowers
  5. No bees=no honey

What a sad world that would be. Imagine life without healthy food(fruits/veggies) no flowers and no honey. Those are essentially some of the best things in life so I will do anything to fight for it. Step one is planting seeds and then buying organic fruits and veggies(pesticides kill off bees 🙁 and there plenty of research out there to prove it).

I planted my seeds a few weeks ago. Here is the action…

I am expecting to see results(blooms) in about a month or so. I will keep you updated about the progress!

Unlike my mother, who is a genius, I am terrible with flower names. But I just discovered this cool app called Plant Net, that lets you take a photo of a plant(leaf, flower, fruit or bark) and their data base looks up the plant name for you! How cool! It’s like the Shazam of plant apps! I love it and it works well, I tried it out!

I hope that you enjoy your free wildflower seeds! Let me know if you ordered any and if you did keep me updated about the progress! Once they are bloomed don’t forget to use the Plant Net app to check what type they are!

Till next time!

Love, Nicole


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