Nestle sustainable chocolate?

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Life is going well so far, I try to be in a positive mindset most of the time but there are some things that really get my blood boiling. Those things include the destruction of our planet caused by corporations. One of these companies is Nestle. I was at the grocery store yesterday and I noticed a stand saying sustainable chocolate. I was genuinely excited, as I’m always eager to support companies that are more sustainable and that use ethical practises. I was curious to see what new brand was being advertised. Then I saw that it was Nestle. I was enraged. Here are some snapchats I took of the stand.

I became a maniac inside my head and I quickly whipped out my phone taking photos of the stand as if it were a crime scene. To me that information plastered against Nestle products was the equivalent of a criminal offence. How in the world does Nestle consider themselves a sustainable company. All of their chocolates use palm oil. Palm oil has caused soooo much deforestation in the amazon and other rainforests. It’s plantations have destroyed beautiful wildlife, ruined animals homes and not to mention people’s communities. Go fuck yourself Nestle with your being sustainable bullshit. You are equally as sustainable as McDonald’s claims it is. This article is too educate you guys about the lies in the advertising industry as well as raising issues about how companies are destroying the planet.
I will never buy any Nestle products for this very reason, also their CEO doesn’t think water is a basic human right and thinks it’s okay to re-sell water for over 1000times its value. So no thanks Nestle, you won’t fool me.
For more information about palm oil deforestation check out these links:

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