Awai: The world needs more progressive restaurants like this one.

Hello Free Spirits,

Last Thursday my boyfriend introduced me to this new vegan restaurant Awai, in his area. My first impression of the restaurant was that it was very spacious and minimalist. I loved how there was plenty of natural light, coming from the sunroof in the centre of the room. We arrived super hungry and we were confused as to why there were no menus on the table. My boyfriend was getting impatient, constantly asking me “where are the menus we’ve been here for 5 min and no menus”?!! Then the waitress magically appeared and began explaining that the restaurant does not carry menus but they simply bring out the food the kitchen makes. Our only job is to let them know when we want to stop.

You should have seen my face when she was telling me this. I was shocked and amazed at the same time! It seemed so adventures so I was uber excited to try the food! Here is what we got!


Flat bread with walnut sauce, onions and shallots

If your curious. Yes the food tasted as amazing as it looked! I had such a great time trying all this food, the best part isn’t over yet.

Yeah guys! This restaurant is my all time favourite now. I asked the waitress what the recommended amount is and she referenced winterlicious and summerlicious for the prices so around $28-$48 for dinner. I was shocked to discover that when paying there was no tip option, we asked the lady why and she said that they pay them well here so there is no need to tip although it would be greatly appreciated.

I WAS SOOOO IMPRESSED WITH THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE. It was very progressive restaurant and I felt very well taken care of  and the food was very well done.

I think I found my favourite restaurant in Toronto. I am very impressed Awai, thank you of having me.

*I checked their website and it is only on Thursday’s when they have the communal table, you pay what you like. 

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Wishing you a great week ahead.

Love, Nicole


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