How I Relax.

Hello Free Spirits,

Lately my life has been crazy busy. What is relaxation?! I get enough sleep but I don’t count that as relaxing. The definition of relaxing to me means doing something to treat myself such as cooking myself a nice healthy meal, giving myself a spa date or singing at the top of my lungs at home alone. I have been working full time Monday- Friday and I have been working on the weekends. So yeah.

Finally this Saturday, there was no one home and I had the first half of the day to myself. So what did I do to relax.

I slept in till 10:30am. I usually wake up at 7:45am every day so those extra few hours where blessed. Sleeping in does amazing things to your mood. I felt so comfortable, recharged and happy. I butted around in bed for about an hour, I scrolled through my Instagram feed and messaged some people. It felt nice to not be in a rush.

Around 12: I treated myself to a at home facial treatment.

I used a bit of my sisters Lush Magnaminty face mask and made a Youtube video about the review( believe it or not filming videos is relaxing).

After the face mask I gave my body some much needed almond oil treatment. I spent 30 minutes listening to some spa music while massaging myself with the oil. I also saged my room with the sage stick I own.

I walked around the house naked cause why not, no one was home and thats what free spirits do right ūüėČ I then made myself a nice vegan sandwich for lunch/late breakfast.

You know what they say “happy stomach, happy person” I don’t know who says that, I just made that up. Haha!

After that food orgasm, I put some makeup on and got ready for my date scheduled for that evening. We watched a show at Second City a famous comedy theatre on King Street.

So that my Free Spirits, is how I relax.

What do you do to relax? Share your soul soothing tips with me, and other free spirits who want to recharge their batteries.

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Love, Nicole N


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