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Hello Free Spirits,

My new job is really awesome! For those that are curious about what my title and position is, Imma tell you. I work as a marketing assistant for a furniture consignment company in Toronto. I get to look at, photograph and market nice furniture all day and when work is less busy I spend my time browsing interior design blogs such as Judith Taylor‘s and Nathalie Chong‘s(my favourite ones). When work is less busy I find myself day dreaming about decorating my own space, which I don’t have yet but will soon. I used to love and be quite obsessed with the computer game, Sims as a kid growing up, so I was super excited to find a real life equivalent. The online platform Houzz, lets me re-live my Sims fantasies, only this time all the items I select are real, and if I want to get them I can have them delivered to my door! How exciting! Here are some of the rooms I designed on Houzz.

I would describe my style to be eclectic and colourful. I like to mix up different colours and styles.

What’s so great about Houzz is that: It is very easy to use, if you don’t like something-hit the delete button. It’s also very helpful to be able to see how much everything costs.


I am in love with this wall photograph frame and the modern pink velvet chairs.

I even created a Pin board with some of my favourite items this spring/summer from Houzz.


House pin board

My favourite items from Houzz this 2017

So what do you Free Spirits think? Do you like my style? How would you describe it? I would love for you to share your own room decorations and inspiration boards with me! You can plan your own design on Houzz click here.

The Real Deal: Decorating and staging in the real world.

Part of my job as a marketing assistant is to stage furniture for photoshoots. These photos are then used for the newspaper advertisements, guerrilla campaigns the website and social media campaigns. I will share with you some of the photos from the  staging photograph session. All the furniture seen in the photos are from our furniture consignment store. My awesome co worker Terry chose the pieces from the floor and arranged them while I offered feedback and took the photographs. Enjoy them below!

This was my first staging setup and photo, and it also happens to be my favourite one to date.

If I could give this setup a title, it would be “Glamorous Beach House”.

This one is my “contemporary vignette”

contemporary vignette

The name I see fitting for this one is “Retro inferno”. I’m not even sure what that means but it seems to fit the image.

This setup is perfect for the antique lover.

And one for the Trendy intellectual.

So what do you think? How are my design/photography skills? I still have a long way too go in terms of styling houses and interiors, but every day I am getting one step closer.

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Have a wonderful day my Free spirits!

Love, Nicole N


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