Vintage Remix: Decorating my room on a budget.

Hello Free Spirits,
I’m a huge fan of thrifting. It’s good for the environment(no need to produce more stuff) and good on the wallet. I’m the type of person that couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a handbag or a piece of furniture I could get for really cheap or sometimes free on Kiji. Most of my furniture and decor items I own used to live in someone else’s house until I salvaged them and incorporated them into my space. Here are some of my favourite items!

1 . Brass Treasure Chest – number one for a reason. This chest is pure brass and has a wonderful design all around it. When I purchased it from Value Village I got it for $15(a steal) and although it was a little black from all the rust. I fixed it up with some gold spray paint !

After a few years I added some legs and turned it into a bedside table with storage inside.

Cost: $15 + $10(spray paint)

2. Decor items on top of the trunk

I found this dark wood tray on the curb side. All I had to do was dust it off and tada it was like new! The little trinkets and frames a top the tray are from Value village.
Cost: I payed no more than $15 in total for them

3. Art work with gold frame– I got lucky with this one again. I was on route to pick up a friend and then boom the road was closed and I took a nice little de tour between some residential streets. I noticed someone was throwing out a few nice wooden furniture pieces and then I spotted a shimmer of gold. I got excited and turned back around to grab this frame. It had a bit of scratches on it and it was a bit discoloured, but nothing a coat of gold spray paint couldn’t fix !

Cost: Free

4. Retro clothes hanger

I found this at Value Village. And like all thrifty things I buy, I found it at the right time. My closet was growing from all the clothes I’m receiving from companies as a blogger so I was looking for ways to expand my closet space. Previously my brass trunk was resting in that area on the floor but since I moved it I had a lot of free space to turn it into whatever. So I took it is a opportunity to expand my closet space and I put my hanger there.
I think this is a great use of space and for a mere $15 from Value village it was well worth it!

Total Cost for renovation: $45

Thrifting has become the norm for me. I love unique pieces and going to garage sales, thrift stores is the best way to find that unique piece! It is also so much fun I encourage all of you to try it out one day.

I hope that you enjoyed this article my free spirits.

Have a wonderful day and if you liked this article, I’m sure you will like the other ones that I publish on the regular. Follow me on social to stay in touch.

Love, Nicole N


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