Queen Street West Staycation 

Hello Free Spirits,

Life is exciting because I’m currently living in the best location in Toronto, Queen Street West! Why , how?! Isn’t it expensive? The answer is yes , but only if you are renting or if you have your own place. Thanks to these cutie cats, whom I’m babysitting, I’m able to live in the best location in Toronto, for free!! weep weep yay!

We(my boyfriend and I) were scheduled to take care of the cats for all of last weekend , but my stay got extended simply because we asked.

A weeks time is more than enough time to get to know and fall in love with the area. So I compiled a list of fun things and places to visit when on Queen Street West.
Here is a list of 10+1 thins I love about this area/fun places to visit on Queen Street West (Epic pics included)

1. Suns out-funky people come out! This area reminds me of SOHO and Greenwich village in NYC. Everyone was so fashionable and because the street itself isn’t very wide, it was very walkable hence creating that feeling of a vibrant community.

2. Brunch every morning : What is a staycation in the city without brunch? We went to Neon Cafe for their vegetarian brunch.

brunch at neon cafe

The next day we treated ourselves to some brunch from the local Argentinian cafe El Almacen– my favourite. Their breakfast was full of flavour and although a bit spicy it gave me that kick I was looking for. Plus they have the best herbal soda, which is very low on sugar.

brunch at el amacen

3. Twist Gallery

twist gallery interior

I had no idea about this gallery until a sign from outside caught my eye- outside signs still work guys! #oldschool The exhibit featured some work from Humber college photography school graduates. Here were some of my favourites.

4. The Dynasty Flower Shop.

dynasty flower shop

The beautiful display of succulents caught my eye from outside. I picked up a sage stick, because living with cats gets a bit smelly at times. But the real reason was that I have been wanting to sage myself for quite some time. #goodbyebadenergy

5. Drake General Store: The place where yuppies(young urban professionals) love to shop. You will find lots of cool items here. My favourite was their succulent display as well as their natural and locally made soaps.

Drake General store

6. Drinks at the Drake Hotel Bar.

drinks at the drake hotel barOur apartment is a 30 second walk from the drake hotel so It’s kind of like we live at the hotel, right?! But no other place does drinks like the Drake hotel bar, and that is something we couldn’t miss out on.

7. Bar Fancy: I personally think it’s no fun staying at one bar the whole night. I mean, there are so many great bars out there so why not explore? Especially when you’re on Queen Street, which is know for having the best bars. This place reminds me of a bar you would find somewhere in Greenwich village in Manhattan, that’s a compliments because the places there are so cool. I love the energy of this place and their drinks are fun but not fruity- this place is for the IPA drinkers. Netherthless I still enjoyed it. No photo for this one because I was having way too much fun to remember the photos.

8. Coffee Ceremony at Bu’na: The Soul of Coffee. THIS PLACE WAS SO AWESOME! If you are on Queen and you only have enough time for one place, go treat yourself and a special person in your life to a coffee ceremony. To start they bring over a pan with roasting coffee beans for you to smell. Then come the cups and sugar complete with a burning Frankincense herb on a plate. Then the coffee is served. 10/10 experience for only $6. Totally worth it.

9. Doomies: This vegan place is my favourite! Mainly because they serve the best type of vegan food- junk food. A Queen Street classic.

10. Crown Flora: the most photogenic building in the city. I didn’t get a chance to go inside because it was late but I got a few pics outside so I guess it counts right ? 😉

crown flora pink walls

11. Toronto Artscape Youngplace: Originally a school, but now converted to a community art space and gallery. The top 2 floors have hallways lined with art displays/projects by high school students. Here were some of my favourite projects.

toronto art space young space gallery


12. Walking: Free, fun and healthy. This is the best thing to do here, take a quick stroll and you will understand why so many people fall in love with this area and its people. Here are some photos that I took walking around the area.

Smile for the camera vintage mural

Camera Wall Art on Queen Street W

queen street west houses

Queen Street Neighbourhood

street style toronto

I am so grateful being able to live here for a bit and honestly I wish I lived here. Give me a few years and I will make it reality.

Thank you for reading my about my Queen Street adventures. I hope you enjoyed my story, and if you did follow along with my adventures on social media and leave your email address to never miss an adventure!
Stay tuned for a blog post about my solo experience of living on queen street west with the cutie cats.

Have a good day my Free Spirits!

Love, Nicole Noworyta


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