Uber ride with lady from Canada Goose Head Office

Hello Free Spirits,

A few days ago I decided to treat myself a Uber pool ride. Life is random sometimes, let me explain, my Uber driver pulled over right in front of the Canada Goose Headquarters in Toronto. Gasp! For those that know me, I am very much against down and any animal fashion products. That’s why I was super excited to have a nice chat with whoever was just about too get in… They had no idea what was waiting for them 😉

The conversation with the lady that got in was super friendly and I asked her questions like what her position was at Canada Goose, if she liked her job, and other conversation starters. Then I began asking her intense questions like…

Question 1: “What would you say to the animal activists like PETA, who are against the slaughter of foxes for fur.”

She proceeded to tell me that Canada Goose actually uses “Coyote Fur”, not fox fur. And that the coyote fur used is actually a by product of the current coyote removal efforts. The coyote population is too high in Canada and there are other companies that are getting rid of them. They are doing this to maintain a healthy eco system. Then Canada Goose either buys or gets the coyote fur from these coyote removal efforts already in place.

Question 2: “Where do the down feathers used in the jackets come from…”

I learned that, the down used in the jackets is actually a by product of the meat and dairy industry. So whatever is left over from the farms gets sold too Canada Goose.

If that is the case then that doesn’t sound too bad.

It almost seems practical to use up the fur of the animal instead of throwing it out. But obviously these answers are a bit biased, I wouldn’t bad mouth the company I was working for. I would say the answer was a PR correct way of dealing with the question. My only concern is what happens when the company grows and there becomes a greater demand for the jackets? What if the coyote removal efforts don’t catch up with the demands of Canada Goose? What do they do then? Will the sales pitch and PR message be the same?

That is the problem.

As per what the lady from Canada Goose told me. The company has started growing not too long ago. They got their big success after the company sent celebrity, Kate Hudson a jacket for one of her photo shoots. The jacket caught a lot of celebrities attention and ever since then the hype for Canada Goose jackets started. As a result they expanded their marketing team(almost tripled) in the last few years to keep up with their growing business.

I really hope that as the company keeps growing, many more coyotes and geese won’t have to die.

Be kind to one another, and that includes animals. Choose ethical and vegan brands.

Love, Nicole N

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