What’s in my Office?!

Hello Free Spirits,

Not long ago, I started a new job that is related to my field!! It has been a very exciting time, I’ve been given an official title and with that came office space!

My job is to take care of the marketing and social media aspect for a new furniture consignment store OTP Living which is a division of …ofthingspast a furniture consignment store in Toronto.

The job is a bit overwhelming at times, so my desk space needs to be organized. The lady who worked before me left a huge mess of cluttered newspapers and lots of dust on her desk so when I moved in I demolished the whole place. My first day at work consisted of me cleaning up and creating my future desk space. FUN!!!(no, really, it was!)

“I cleaned up the past(lady before me) and brought in the New(me). ” – Me 

Here are the Before and After Pictures, enjoy it my clean freaks 😉


office space transformation

There was lots of dust, random unassigned papers and the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed for god knows how long…

Looks clean but it is not!

Looks clear but was super dusty!

The space under my seat was filled to the top with magazines, articles and newspaper ads that dated back to the dinosaur era. It was time for them to go where they belonged. In the recycling…

I whipped out the Lysol wipes which I used to disinfect and wipe down the whole area. The lysol tissue turned black and brown quickly. I felt a tremendous satisfaction with every swipe. First day at work and I was already making progress.

As I sifted through the pile of papers, I realized that some of them where useful and filled with lots of great information, so I kept a few of them. Thank You previous lady, you were very wise for leaving those behind.

So without further ado, here is the big reveal after the clean up.


Room to breathe

Room to Breathe

Look what I found in the rubble! A kodak Prix Camera!

Look what I found in the rubble! A kodak Play Camera!(from the dinosaur era)

Now everything is within arms reach and better organized. I threw out a box worth of magazines and papers, and kept 15 that were interesting and relevant to my job.

I worked with what was left behind and I created a nice desk space for myself. The vintage drawing on the left, was previously on the floor 🙁 It got a new home on my desk.

And there we go, here is the big reveal 🙂 The frames around my desk were previously there, they were store items that haven’t sold, or items that have been donated to the store.office desk space insporation.

The marketing manager whom I share the office space with, encourages the paintings and prints behind my desk, he said that nice spaces inspire creativity. I am so happy he is easy going and that he encourages my creativity in the office.

Since my first week at my new job, my desk space and surrounding area got a upgrade. Read more about it and view it all in my Blog post ” Favourite items in my office.”

Let me know what you think of the reveal! Do you have any office horror stories you have to share?

Have a great day my Free Spirits!

Don’t forget to check out my article “Favourite items in my office.” for an updated reveal of what my space looks a month into my job.

Love, Nicole N


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