Favourite Pictures from New York City

Hello Free Spirits,

My I-Phone has a great collection of photos from New York City. It would be a shame if I didn’t share them with the world. When travelling you don’t need a professional camera to take beautiful great quality photos. And personally I would be paranoid about loosing my pro camera, a phone could slip in my pocket and stay there without falling out. Awesome!

Here is my collection of my favourite pics from my adventures in New York City. Each pic has a story behind them, I encourage you to read it, you will understand why I captured the moment. Enjoy it!

Manhattan Skyline with View of the Empire State Building. “I took this photo on top of the rock observation point. This picture captures the chaos of the city in a still moment. This is my favourite escape in the city, it is easy to spend an hour or two atop the observation point and get lost admiring the buildings.

Cort in Nyc

Another black and white photograph. I was in a silly mood and the first thing that popped into my mind was “let’s go to cort” . Classic. A silly moment which resulted in a beautiful photograph. Also thank you Cadillac for making this pic look like a million dollars.

soho buildings

SOHO at Sunset. Taken on my favourite street(Broome Street) in Soho. I was coming back from my favourite designers store Anna Sui and I was in a good mood. The glow of the buildings interior against the clear blue sky caught my eye.

nye in nyc

Two Icons in one photo. I love patio lights and the empire state building was peeking through the buildings so I got snapping. I was trying to capture the beauty of my favourite area in NYC, Bryant Park at night. And whats great about building shots is that you can’t tell that it was super cold and the dead middle of winter.

This was taken by friend Wajiha and this was the last day of 2016. I was very excited to start the New Years Celebrations that night. This was not long after we booked a table for 10 during the busiest time of year at a funky bar around Times Square. Part of the reason I was so happy. And yes this was taken using my i-phone.

Adventures in Wall Street and Soho

Hippie on Wall Street. I have a thing for trailers and Rv’s, they remind me spontaneous adventures the ones that we all crave. Thats why I love this shot. The Rv pictured her is a seating ares for a Mexican restaurant in the Financial District. It is very out of place and different compared to its symmetrical and almost perfect surroundings and lifestyles. So this trailer to me is like an escape in that perfect world.

Smiley in Bryant Park. I was so happy with life here. Earlier that day I was watching movies in Bryant Park, I was nice and warm and my skin was sun kissed from the day. What a good life. I felt truly blessed.

brooklyn bridge

Under the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve been under that bridge over 7 times by boat and this is my favourite picture.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty. The icon. This picture is my favourite because 1)there is no one obstructing my view, which is rare on the boat, especially in the summer. And one good photo of the statue is good enough,  so now every time I go on the boat I just relax and enjoy it instead of scrambling outside for a picture. It’s because I have this one on file.

Empire Frame Shot from the Empire State building, the fading sunset colours are beautiful.

Manhattan at night

Times Square from up above. Times Square is…. you guessed it! It’s on the left side.

Zara Display: The first thing that came to mind was these clothing pieces and colours are beautiful. I would love to wear them and imitate their style.

Victoria’s got a secret and it is this beautiful store in the Macy’s Herald Square Area. S

My favourite store display at Macy’s. Whoever has this setup at home, please invite me over for some dinner. Thanks 😉

greenwich village

Somewhere in Greenwich Village. I must have lived here in another life, I have this strange connection to this area. This used to be a place were hippies loved to hang out so the reincarnation idea is quite possible 😉

Times square view from restaurant

Candid Nicole. Taken at my favourite scenic bar in Manhattan, the Renaissance bar and restaurant. My friend Amilia was taking a pic of me and she wanted it to be candid so she was telling me a funny dog joke. The reaction you see here was the one before I spit the drink out from laughing.

So there you go, there are my all time favourite photos from New York City. Let me know if you enjoyed them. If you want to print any of these feel free to message me and I will send you the full size for you to use.

Have a great day my Free Spirits I love you all.

Love, Nicole N

*All taken sans me with my I-phone 6S.


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