My trip to the Nordstrom  Expensive Section. 

Hello Free Spirits,

I recently started my first full time job outside of university and it is a five minute drive from Yorkdale Mall. Wohoo! So when meeting up with friends after work, the mall is a convenient hang out spot. Two days ago I had some time to kill while waiting for a friend who was stuck in traffic. So I decided to explore the section where regular people dare not enter. The top floor…. what keeps people out of that section ? It might be the treck up the escalator  or the astronomical prices for clothing and accessories. I walked around the expensive as fuck section for thirty minutes and here is what I learned.

-It’s quiet up there. Unlike the bottom floors of Nordstrom it was peaceful up there with only a few customers and sales staff walking around.

-The change rooms are gorgeous! Not only are they decorated with the best furniture they are also super spacious. Why can’t regular people have a nice space 😉

-The clothes are top of the line in terms of quality. You can feel the difference in the material. It’s thicker, heavier and smoother than what you would find at your local f21 or H&M.

-The clothes are expensive. $1,500 for a shirt. That’s normal. $6,000 for a sweater/jacket also common. The people shopping here must be making a million or more a year because never in my life would I let myself spend $1,500 on a shirt. That is the price of a nice vacation for a week.

-The sales associates can’t afford the items they are selling. I was in the Celine section of the store. When a lady my age, asked me if she could help me with anything. I told her that I am waiting for a friend and I am looking around for now, but I won’t buy anything here because I can’t afford it. She told me “oh I know, I can’t afford anything here as well”…We are in the struggle together my dear I understand you 😉

-The stuff is so trendy. The clothes were so beautiful and I really enjoyed looking through all of them. I really respect the designers and artists that make the pieces. It truly takes a creative person to create fashion pieces. It makes me appreciate the fashion industry much more.

-These designs set the trends for what stores like forever 21, H&M and Zara offer. It is not uncommon for head office staff at f21 to be found at fashion shows getting inspiration or mimicking the trends for their new collections.

Those were a few things I learned and realized “shopping” in the expensive  section at Nordstrom. And you know that when I win the lottery that is the first place I will go.

I hope that you enjoyed this article! Have a great day my Free Spirits!

Love, Nicole


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