Weekend in NYC

Hello Free Spirits,

Life is good but it is way better in NYC! This place is all about creativity, commercial activity and entertainment! I had a great time exploring Manhattan with my friend Amilia. Here is what we did!

We Climbed Top of The Rock!!
Look at that view from the summit 😉 The summit from the 67th floor of the Rockefeller Plaza. This is my favourite viewing point in NYC, because unlike the empire state it offers a great view over Central Park. 

I didn’t take any cute and fashionable photos from the deck because it was freezing and I prefer comfort over looking good sometimes. Something I was a bit sad about but it’s alright because you will see nice outfit pictures below!

The remainder of the day I spent filming 360 videos of the city and the landscapes. To view some good quality 360 videos go to my blogs Facebook Page The Free Spirit . For those who don’t know what a 360 video is, it is almost like a panorama picture. And when posted on Facebook you can actually move the screen around and while you are moving it , it moves along with you.

After the pictures we went back to the hotel room to check in our students into their rooms. I took a little nap after that and then in the evening we were back in Manhattan again!

In the evening I wanted to surprise Amilia and a student of mine with a visit to my favourite scenic restaurant/bar. It’s located on the second floor of the Renaissance Hotel. The drinks are delicious and the food is good but lets be honest we all came here for the view.

Take a Look! Isn’t that awesome!

Times square view from restaurant

We had a drink and some appetizers at the Renaissance but we were saving having a main dinner for the Stardust diner– a place my friend Amilia recommended.

The Stardust diner was a few blocks away from the Renaissance Hotel. The wait to get inside was a bit long and the only tables that seemed to be available were the 4 person ones. We were impatient waiting in line. So we asked the couple beside us if they wanted to pair up with us to fill a table. They did so we enjoyed some dinner and entertainment with our new friends. They were from London, UK and the girls boyfriend was off duty from the army. We felt a bit silly for third wheeling their date just so we could get a table sooner, but they agreed so whatever! We are so spontaneous, I loved it.

The restaurant had a diner feel to it. Diner food such as burgers, mac and cheese, sandwiches and milkshakes were on the menu. I ordered their mac and cheese balls which were delicious!

Mac and cheese balls from stardust diner

Mac and Cheese Balls

While we were eating the staff where dancing and singing all around us.

I felt like I was sitting at a broadway musical and getting fed good food. It was amazing! I sang along to some mama Mia songs and some requested for a birthday “Britney spears”. I left the place in a good mood and with a full stomach.

Then it was back to bed for some well deserved rest, Central Park and SOHO were waiting for us on the second day!

The morning started off with a stroll to the legendary Central Park. The leaves were gone but it was still beautiful.

After the park we drove down to Wall Street and explored the financial district area. I took a wonderful 360 video of the twin towers site. I post all of my 360 videos on my Facebook account, feel free to view it here on my Facebook Page The Free Spirit.

The rest of the day was spent strolling around SOHO.

soho buildings

It was mid day and I was craving some pick me up. Coffee makes me feel meh and curbs my appetite so I skipped the Starbucks temptation and gave into the sugar rush.

I ran into the It’s Sugar store and picked up all the candy I could get for $5. Here is a sample of what I got.

My friend Amilia was working on some assignments for school at the local Starbucks so I decided to do some “window shopping” around SOHO. I explored some stores on Broome Street, which in my opinion has some of the best retailers in the area. This was when I explored the Anna Sui store.

anna sui store soho

I remember watching the New York fashion week and my favourite clothes were from Anna Sui’s collection. I was expecting astronomical prices for their items but Instead I was impressed with the quality of clothes and their prices.

My favourite section was the dress section, the bold patterns immediately caught my eye. The interior was absolutely beautiful. What a perfect way to end the weekend in NYC.

I can’t wait to go back to New York City! There is so much to do and see in this city and I can’t wait to go back again. You can do a lot in a weekend here, if you have any questions about what to see and visit feel free to message me about suggestions.

Love, Nicole N


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