Staycation with Mayamiko

Hello Free Spirits,

This year my spring break was a bit different. I am tight on money and my priority for the past few months has been paying off my student Loans. So this year I planned a low budget Staycation in Toronto. For those who know me I love the beach and anything tropical(drinks, clothes, music and atmosphere). What better place to take a Staycation than at the Shameless Tiki Room in Toronto!

This place reminds me of a Beach Resort. All the staff are walking around in Beach attire, the funky tropical themed shirts are out. The day when we went they had a live band playing right behind our table. The bands name was Staycation! How cool is that?! Originally I had no idea what to name my blog post but thanks to the band I was inspired.

staycation band in toronto

Thank You Staycation for the Inspiration!

My friends pro photographer Hendrick Lau, Nathalie @lalieto and Mike from Revelate band arrived and the festivities began! The cheap food and cute drinks had us ordering more than we should have and we started getting silly.

the free spirit

Nathalie in the @Mayamikodesigned Dress

At one point I felt a bit like the third wheel because you know couples on vacation…

thirdwheeling on vacation

My “third wheeling on vacay” face

Despite my friends silliness I found a way to explore the venue and grab a nice drink at the bar while bopping to the music from @staycation_band. I fit right into the atmosphere with my new collection pieces from Mayamiko! I wore a big smile on my face like this all night long. Thank you yummy cocktails and super trendy Mayamiko clothing.

smiling with my Mayamiko Jumpsuite

Their clothes are a great fit for tropical vacations or for my staycation. The fabric is comfortable for dancing and running around the bar(what the free spirit in me enjoys doing).

Mayamiko long romper

All smiles with Mayamiko

The fabrics are also super airy and breathable! Best yet is that the ladies from Malawi Africa pick out the fabrics from their local markets. How cool is that!? Super cool if you ask me.

mayamiko editorial

I had a wonderful Staycation at the tropical tiki room and if I am ever in need of a get- away even if just for an evening I will come here. My Mayamiko Clothes will accompany me on this tropical adventure !

the free spirit blog

Happy Staycation!

I hope you enjoyed this article my Free Spirits! Do you know any places fro a Staycation in the city? What did you do for spring break?

I’m wishing you a wonderful week!

Thank You @hendrick_lau for the wonderful professional photos and thank you @Mayamikodesigned for the pieces!

Love, Nicole


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