How to Flat Lay

Hello there Free Spirits,

I’ve been playing around with some flat lays these past few weeks. I believe all great bloggers have this creative feat figured out so I decided it was time to step up my flat lay game up. I asked my flat lay inspiration/blogger friend @teresadesouza for some tips.

She gave some great advice such as choosing an item of focus and working around it. Another great recommendation Teresa gave was placing items on a white background to achieve great contrast.

Flat Lays are no daunting task , in fact they are super fun and are great outlets for expressing your creativity. Here are some of my recent flat lay experiments! Let me know what you think …

I present to you my …

First Flat Lay …

I received this lovely package from Montreal in the mail and I quickly ran to the flower section in my living room and started arranging. The result…

Not too bad, I think the arrangement is alright and I made use of the plants in my living room.

Flat Lay in the Snow 
Then the second one which took a lot of planning before hand ! At the time I was making a smoothie and I wanted this flat lay to be a creative way to show the ingredients I used in the smoothie. So out came the cookie cutter which pierced my thinly sliced mango, which I then placed on the wooden cutting board. I arranged spinach and raspberries in no particular order, I just went with whatever felt best. The background for this flat Lay was actually snow in my back yard! The lighting was perfect and the snow offered for some nice contrast!

Snow Valley Ski Resort Flat Lay

So this one is one of my favourite ones. Mainly because it was so random and I used the most random of objects. Decorative stone pebbles from the inside of a candle holder… I literally have no shame in public. A skill useful in life for many reasons.

The end result…

fashion flat lay

What do you think? By the way I recommend all of these books. The Elements of Style I read front to back, and the Get rich blogging is great so far.

Montreal Cafe Flat Lay 

For this one I borrowed my friends coffee and dessert. I saw an opportunity and had an aesthetic in mind so I went for it…

montreal food blogger

Cat and Rose Flat Lay

This Flat Lay was created on my boyfriend’s bed. What inspired me to arrange this one was the nice rose I gave him still intact from Valentines day. #miracle So I took it as a sign to arrange the perfect flat lay, because from what it seemed the rose was waiting patiently for me to do so.

The photo wouldn’t be complete without my boyfriends cat Schipol photo bombing the pic! But it looks amazing, it adds that extra cute touch, a normal picture with objects would not be able to offer. After a few minutes of editing on VSCO I applied the perfect filter.

The Free Spirit roses and cat flat lay

There you have it a collection of all my Flat Lays to date! I plan on making many more and I will be sharing them on my Instagram @freespiritblog, follow along to see my future attempts!

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Have a great and creative week ahead!

Love, Nicole

Here are some great resources/videos I used to inspire me:


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