Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Hello Free Spirits,

My Valentines day celebrations were a bit delayed this year. My boyfriend is completing his master program and one of his professors scheduled a test the day after valentines day(what a weirdo-lol). So we moved our Valentines celebrations a few days after. I surprised my boyfriend with a visit to the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. My Boyfriend has been wanting to go there since forever so I made it a date.

I had a little surprise up my sleeve when we arrived. I booked us lunch reservations at the Diwan restaurant at the Aga Khan Museum. The place had really good reviews and the interior looked amazing so I knew that it would be the perfect place for a Valentines day date !

The food that we had was amazing! To start off our meal, my boyfriend enjoyed some red lentil soup and I enjoyed some Sumac Frites with Garlic Aioli and Tamarind Ketchup. These fries are worth coming back for, they were very well seasoned and the garlic Aioli was out of this world! My boyfriends “Sherbet Addes” Red Lentil soup was actually a meal inspired by the Musuem’s exhibition Syria: A living History.



For our main we decided to share a Vegetarian Ouzi; a pastry filled with rice, lentils, mushrooms, almonds scented allspice. Served with a fried egg, yogurt and Fattoush Salad. Yummmyy!!

After the dinner it was time to explore the Aga Khan Museum. And boy was it exciting! It felt like I was taking a trip to the middle east, the architecture in the museum was beautiful and perfect for lots of pictures, which you will see soon.

The museum focused on Islamic civilizations and features art, architecture pieces as well as other collectibles found from many Islamic cultures.

aga khan museum main floor

My Favourite things from the Aga Khan Museum:

  • The different versions and decorations of the Quaran. My favourite one was the Indigo coloured paper with gold ink. The Quaran is seen as a holy text and it is commonly decorated to fit well with the countries culture.
  • The anatomy book so advanced that many other scholars in european countries used it.

anatomy book from the aga khan museum

  • The candlesticks around the museum. And my favourite one which looked like a stack of Ferrero Chocolates.

These candlesticks were used to keep track of time back when clocks weren’t available. As well as to provide light in households.

  • Beautiful tiles from ancient Middle East. And my favourite ones from Syria.
  • The beautiful Architecture

aga khan museum interior

  • And my favourite painting
sikh party

Faux Fur Jacket from @passitonshop

  • After exploring the bottom floor area we went up to the Syria exhibit. Although I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the pieces there, I will say that it is worth a visit. As my boyfriend said, it is nice how they managed to preserve most of this stuff before the war. Here is a fun fact about Syria .

I learned a lot that day and It was a wonderful experience, and I will definitely be back again in the near future for a new exhibit and those sumac frites 😉 I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that you are inspired to visit it in the near future.

Sincerely, Nicole Noworyta




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