Mayamiko Spring Dress

Hello Free Spirits,

It’s that time of year in Canada when the snow is falling but I’m excited that in just a matter of a few days it will all be gone! My sad winter mood improved after I received my Mayamiko piece from their new collection! I was hoping to wear it when spring came around but it is just so pretty that I couldn’t wait any longer. All great things in life deserve a share and this is one of them!

Spring Break is just around the corner, and to make sure I have the best spring break ever, I took a day off to plan my adventures and parties. Kensington Market is my favourite place to unwind and have a good meal and juice. Whenever I visit Kensington it’s a tradition of mine to grab some juice from “The Organic Press” on Augusta Avenue. So that’s where I went before I started planning my adventures.

My Mayamiko bell sleeve dress accompanied me on this trip and I couldn’t look better! The coloured patterns are one of a kind and the bell sleeves make the outfit trendy yet classy.

This is a piece that is sure to stand out amongst the grey, black and white that floods the streets of Torontos Fashion scene. I’ve always been a person with funky fashion sense and I’m so happy to have found a company that not only creates beautiful pieces but also treats their employees well.

The products are made in the Mayamiko Lab in Malawi Africa. Started by Paola Masperi as a initiative to help the most disadvantaged people in Malawi by supporting their creative talents and turning them into sustainable activities. I feel comfortable knowing that my purchase is making a difference for the women and their families in Malawi.

After brainstorming and sipping juice at “The Organic Press” I took a little stroll to the Cocktail Emporium for some gifts for my tropical spring break parties 😉

My bell sleeve piece looks beautiful on its own but pairing it together with a long black coat and tall faux leather boots will keep you warm and fashionable.

How nice is that? This is my favourite piece for winter/spring. And I just might wear it for Valentines Day 😉

It was a productive day and I am ready for a wonderful spring break in one of the best cities in the world, Toronto!

Join me next week to hear about how I celebrate spring break with a Staycation in the city!

Have a wonderful rest of the week my Free Spirits!

Thank you to Mayamiko for the wonderful Bell Sleeve dress from their new collection.

Professional Photographs by Hendrick Lau Photography


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