10 Reasons why those who lead authentic lives have the best experiences!

Hello Free Spirits,

I was cleaning my desktop, some thing that was long over due and I found this awesome blog post I saved two years ago. It is quite awesome how this information is really relevant and speaks to the readers of my blog. Enjoy this post!

Ten Reasons why those who lead free lives have the best experiences

  1. They are not defined by what society thinks- you understand that what society offers is a very limited view. You have probably experienced a turning point in your life where you were deeply dissatisfied with your life or emotional state, leading you to look deeper inside your soul and what makes you feel alive. Authentic people realize that we have been programmed to follow societal rules which benefit god knows who. Government, religion, family? But do they really benefit you?!
  2. You begin to find who your real friends are- Once you start asking yourself the following questions above you may begin to challenge the ones you love or those friends close to you for a long time. Some may even deem your behaviour as inappropriate or selfish, but you know that this time is crucial to your spiritual development so you respect their viewpoint, but you still want to explore the outside reality so you will say sorry to them later.
  3. You begin to establish your own values- What do you envision for yourself? How do you feel about other people? You don’t necessarily think of a academic view which you feel like you belong to but instead you make up your own, non conventional view of society.
  4. You learn to love yourself fully- Over time you realize that in order to love others you must be happy with the way you have created your life. This means you make choices based on what you are passionate about and enjoy doing in the moment. Every choice you make should be true to yourself and not based on what others suggest as right or positive
  5. You learn that there are no such things as flaws, we are all perfect and we constantly create ourselves-You heard that saying Nobody is perfect, well I agree that we all are, we are here on this earth for a reason. We are perfect because we are alive and have a soul, but we can always develop and learn from perfect others.
  6. You are driven by your own happiness- Once you take your life into your own hands you will discover a happiness which you never thought possible. Free choice definitely makes one feel in control of their life and increases happiness.
  7. You are authentic and authenticity attracts others. 
  8. You count on yourself. You create your awesome experiences. 
  9. You begin to appreciate those around you and challenge others around you to explore new horizons.
  10. Your life becomes your work of art and that is very empowering.

To establish a true sense of identity and lead an authentic life one can try all or one of the following strategies.

  • Get off social media= try a social media free lifestyle which includes being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram free. You are not trying to please anybody but yourself. This may be hard at first as it might feel that your self is linked to your personal social media identity. For example how many likes you get on your picture or post to see if others agree with it. No more of the social validation. All is required is your satisfaction.
  • Explore different viewpoints on life, including peoples different opinions on their religious beliefs which definitely have a great influence on peoples behaviors and the way they think and see the world. You WILL learn something new and you might like or dislike what you hear and thats okay. Discuss, learn, discuss and learn and enjoy.
  • Do something you have always wanted to do. NOW, no excuses.

So what are you waiting for? We all have the Free Spirit inside of us. Its the passionate urge that gives us excitement and makes us feel alive! Lets all go out there and make our dreams come true!

Lots of Love, Nicole


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