Upcoming Technologies that will improve Humanity!

Hello Free Spirits,

The future is ours and the future is bright! After years of misguidance many people are waking up to the realization that have been ruining the planet and our health for far too long. And change is coming and it’s better than what my cynical mind would have anticipated.

The Future is Plant Based Proteined

According to Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Googles parent company “Alphabet”, the number one game-changing trend of the future as the consumption of plant-based proteins instead of meat.”(veganethusiasts.com) Many companies such as Daiya, Silk, Beyond Meat and others have paved the way for vegan alternatives to dairy and meat. Beyond Meats are famous for creating a meat like burger that bleeds like real meat and tastes like it. And possibly kicking the meat industry and the pollution that comes with meat production to the curb(where it should have been all along).

Other sustainable trends of the future include mobile medical data, Self driving cars and computers that provide effective teaching strategies for individual students.

Mobile Medical Data: Imagine having a electronic file of your medical history available with a click of a button. Well that is what many companies such as My Chart , Round Health, My Medical and iBlueButton are working on. Gone are the days were information written on paper is the main medium. By going electronic we can save loads of paper, waiting and processing time at the office and everyone would have full control and accessibility to their own records. Applications such as My Medical which is a record keeping app for your personal medical information.

Imagine having your own private driver on command anytime. Imagine all the free time you would have to do fun things like read, eat, chat with your friends and drink. Well companies like BMW, Nissan and Tesla are starting a trend in autonomous cars. All Tesla cars (my favourite electric car brand) “will have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver.” (Tesla) The auto industry revolution is finally happening! No more filling up fuel and dealing with crazy drivers. I couldn’t be more excited!

Another trend for the future is having computers provide effective teaching strategies for individual students. This means special apps and programs for different students. But what it means is that virtual reality classrooms could be come a thing. You can sit at home via video call and be part of a class room without physically being there. Google is already working with many schools to offer them virtual trips around the city as well as virtual classrooms. (Verge) Attending University without having to pay for residence, or learning on a beach I have no problem with that what so ever!

All of these trends are so great that they have me jumping for joy! Although it make take a long time before all this comes true, you never know. People didn’t predict cellphones would be so successful but in the western world almost every one has one. There is no doubt that all these changes will change the way we make money. Universal Income might be a nice solution to all the unemployment following the changes. All I know is that I can’t wait to be eating meat like veggie burgers while driving in my Tesla! I’m going to embrace it! I hope you do as well.

Wishing you a wonderful day wherever you are!

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Lots of Love,

Nicole N


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