Ethical Fashion-Mayamiko Jumpsuit

Hello Free Spirits,

There is that one clothing item in my closet that I am crazy about. It’s my Mayamiko Martina jumpsuit in Fired Earth!

martina jumpsuit in fired earth

I was never the one to own lots of coloured clothing pieces but this year I decided to push out of my comfort zone and move out beyond the basic clothing. After a few hours of researching and comparing various sustainable fashion companies I fell in love with Mayamiko’s brand and clothing.

What I love about this brand is that their clothing is ethically sourced from Malawi and they don’t use sweatshop labour. Mayamiko works with local cooperativeof women traders who handmade the fabrics and clothing. These pieces are very unique and limited only 10-15 pieces of each clothing item are made. Very original!  If thats not cool enough their workshop is a zero waste environment. And if there are any smaller pieces left over they are used for up cycling and used to create accessories and bag or hair accessories. And currently its one of my favourite clothing brands out there. It’s totally something a Free Spirit would wear!

Although I bought the jumpsuit with the intention of wearing it during the summer it can make a perfect layer piece during fall or winter. For the colder season it looks great with a nice long sweater, hat and warm booties.

martina jumpsuit in fired earth with sweater

Mayamiko Fall Outfit

The photoshoot with Hendrick Lau @hendrick_lau took place inside the Allan Gardens in Toronto(check out more photos of the gardens here) Visiting this place takes your mind and body on a vacation. We got some nice photos from the day you can find them below.

A lot of the photos were taken in the Palm Room(one of my favourite rooms in the conservatory)

mayamiko orange Jumpsuit

Mayamiko Fired Earth Jumpsuit

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can make Wine from Palm Trees!? This palm wine is also called “kallu,” and it is a common alcoholic spirit in regions of Asia and Africa. It can be created from coconut palms, date palms, the Chilean wine palm, and other species!

As you can see from the photographs Allan Gardens is an absolutely beautiful place. The rooms vary in humidity and temperature. I naturally gravitated towards the warmest and most humid room. Because it reminded me of my trip to the Dominican Republic. Although I didn’t own the Mayamiko Romper the time I went to Dominican Republic It would be a fashion piece that I would pack in my luggage on route to a tropical vacation. The material is light, not too thin and very airy, which makes it perfect for those late beach nights.

I love the Romper and I would love to thank Mayamiko for creating such a great fashion piece I will love for years to come! I truly believe that every purchase we make shapes the industries we see around us and either improve or destroy the world. I choose to make a difference in the world by supporting companies that treat their employees well and are sustainable as well as cruelty free. I will have many more ethical fashion blog posts coming soon. Expect big things for the new year on this blog!

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Enjoy your week my Free Spirits!

Love, Nicole N

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