Free Attraction in Toronto- Allan Gardens

Hello Free Spirits,

This cold weather here in Toronto, Canada makes me miss the warm and humid summers a few months ago. So I planned a little tropical vacation for the price of a bus ticket! And I’m not joking when I say that! There is a magical place in Toronto called Allan Gardens where you can experience gardens and eco systems all for free! But assuming you get there by bus the only expense is the bus ticket 😉

So I took a little adventure to Allan Gardens with my friend and professional photographer Hendrick Lau. When we were there we took a few pictures with my firey orange Mayamiko Jumpsuit.

mayamiko jumpsuit

You can view more photos of the fashion photoshoot in my article view it here

Allan Gardens Conservatory is located in the Garden District of Toronto which was inspired by the conservatory itself. There is more to the conservatory than just the indoor botanical gardens. There is a lovely park outside home to hundred of squirrels. So thats an attraction in of itself.

allan garden squirrels

My boyfriend feeding squirrels

During the Fall season the squirrels are extra friendly to you if you offer them food. They even start climbing your legs if they know you have a peanut hiding there somewhere.

Allan Gardens Conservatory

Look for the large arch window roof and you know you are getting closer!

There are six rooms in Allan Gardens and my favourite ones were the Tropical, palm and the Arid house. Here are some photos of the interior! A lot of the photos you see are from the Arid room which has all of the cacti and Succulents!

Allan Gardens Conservatory arid room

Beautiful Cacti


Now some photos from the Tropical Room and the Tropical Landscape House:

Being in a place like this reconnected my appreciation for plants and nature. And it also makes a nice place to escape during the winter for those missing the warmth!

Have you been to Allan Gardens? What did you think?!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post!

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Love, Nicole

Allan Gardens Conservatory

  • Address: 19 Horticultural Avenue
  • Cost: Free Entry
  • How to get there: Walk from College Station or Sherbourne TTC station by taking the Sherbourne bus South.
  • Personal Rating: 10/10

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