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Hello Free Spirits,

I’ve been wanting to share the post about one of my favourite Vegan Cafes in Toronto. I wrote a blog post a few weeks back when I was in Prague, its great so I am sharing it with you now. Enjoy!

“Its Nicole reporting from Prague, Czech Republic!

Expect some great articles about things to do while in Prague but for now I am reminiscing about the Vegan food back in my lovely city of Toronto. I remember reading an article from the NY times) saying that Toronto is one of the top 5 cities for vegan food. What a time to be alive!! There are so many options it makes me very happy. Veganism isn’t so popular here in Prague in my opinion they are more of the meat and potatoes type of people, its the same thing in Poland. It will be a struggle explaining my vegan food preferences to my family in poland. They all grew up eating animals from their farm and drinking milk for healthy bones. I’m guessing that I will get a lot of criticism and concern from my grandmother especially who worries every day whether or not I am eating enough. We will see how it goes.

But for now this article about Hibiscus Vegan Cafe has me reminiscing about the good old vegan food I crave.

Here is what I miss about Hibiscus:

Their location: They are located in the magical world of Kensington Market, which is known for being home to the hippies and hipsters of Toronto! My kind of people 🙂 And with that comes the great selection of vegan restaurants and juice places around the area!

Hibiscus Cafe in Toronto

The Hibiscus Salad has me coming back, here is why.. It is complete with 42 organic and nutritious Ingredients such as, Kale, Almonds, Quinoa, carrots and more!

Hibiscus Salad in toronto

If you think salad is boring then clearly you haven’t tried the salad from Hibiscus. I am not a huge fan of salad but this is some amazing stuff and it keeps me coming back whenever I am in the area.

Hibiscus Salad Toronto

I’ m usually full after the salad and I don’t crave anything else but last time I had a bit of a sweet tooth and got myself a vegan brownie. A girl needs to treat herself some time you know 😉

In a world full of over processed cookies and cakes available at your local grocery store. This brownie has that rich cocao flavour that I was craving and their chocolate chips aren’t made out of the cheap processed sugar and butter. You get that authentic chocolate flavour and just enough sweetness. YUMMM

What I also like is that their menu is not over whelming.

And their service is top. They are constantly refilling your water glass as you need it and the wait for food isn’t so long.

Hibiscus is a great place to go for that Healthy Vegan Salad and Dessert, while in the Kensington Area.  If you find yourself in the area feel free to check out other great free places and things to do while you are there in my What I love about Kensington Market Blog Post.

Till next time Free Spirits! To find out how my Prague adventures went feel free to read all about it here. To see the photos from my trip follow me on Instagram at @freespiritblog

Love, Nicole

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