The Free Spirit Fall Outfit

Hello Free Spirits,

Fall is here and I’m going through lots of changes in my life during this time. A few weeks ago I was invited to a Blogger photography workshop with Media Nexus Network. I believe that if you ask the Universe something you will receive it sooner or later. I remember a few weeks back I was dreaming of attending blogging events and meeting fellow bloggers and photographers that I could collaborate with. And then bam, about a week later I received a nice email from Media Nexus Network to come out to a photography event. Just what I wanted, sometime I just need to ask!

It was my first blogger networking event so I was not sure what to expect but I quickly felt very comfortable and I met lots of cool people there! One of them was photographer Hendrick @hendrick_lau whom I collaborated with. He was looking to build his portfolio and I was looking to start my fashion blog. So then my friends that is how our collaboration began 🙂

So set up a day to shoot and called it a trip and went down to Nathan Phillips Square(where the DAPL took place a few days ago-read my blog post about it here) and we experimented with the scenery!

Here are the photos from the shoot!

For those of you that live in Canada you know how chilly the fall season can be. This is a great time to wear a nice long sweater that also doubles as a hood/scarf. I bought this sweater in Nysa,Poland at one of my favourite boutiques Modena. (View More Outfits from this Boutique)

fall fashion post for toronto blogger the free spirit

Beautiful Wood Back drop

It goes very well with anything really, but my style is more black on black. My summer outfits are very colourful with plenty of funky patterns(I love Nigerian inspired fashion). But recently I have experimenting with darker colours (I own a lot of black pants and tank tops/tshirts/dresses) which I like to mix with white pieces.

fall fashion post for toronto blogger the free spirit fall outfit

Black tank on Black Pants

Now let me talk about those shoes which I know you are curious about.

Silver platform Shoes from Mohito

Shoes from Mohito

Funny story about these is that when I first saw them at some store in Poland I was laughing at them with my cousin. I was like how the heck would someone wear those they are so tall and flashy! Then as a joke I tried them on. But after I tried them on I was like wait… these things are comfortable and they kind of look cool! So thats how it all started I paid less than $30 Canadian for them and I wear them religiously. They receive a lot of compliments 😉

fashion blogger from toronto wearing silver platform shoes

Kicking Around 😉

This outfit wouldn’t be completed without my cute and warm faux fur hat, and my sleek little handbag.

fall outfits in toronto

I got this bag at the Niagara Falls, NY Duty Free stop coming back from New York with my group.

black mini side bag

Bag by Nicci

For those colder nights the outfit above can be paired with a nice wind proof jacket. Such as the one I am wearing here inside the Toronto sculpture!

jacket by mohito

Jacket from Mohito

I hope you enjoyed my fall fashion blog post! How do you keep warm and stylish for the fall? Comment in section below:) I will have more fashion blog posts coming up from now on so don’t miss out and subscribe to my email list and follow me on social media!

I love you my Free Spirits!

Love, Nicole

Outfit Details:

  • Baby Blue Jacket: Mohito
  • Silver Shoes: Mohito
  • Lipstick and face makeup: Inglot
  • Bag Nicci
  • Sweater: Modena Boutique: Luzabelle Ladies Fashion

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