Fall Outfit-Cosmic Feeling: Silver Shoes and Sand Wrap Coat

Hello Free Spirits,

Fall is here and with my new wardrobe I bought while in Poland I have a ton of exciting outfits I would love to share with you. This outfit is the perfect everyday outfit with a touch of glamour. I wore it on my day trip in NYC when I was visiting Wall Street and when I was doing shopping in SOHO.

Adventures in Wall Street and Soho

El Luchador, NYC

My outfit wasn’t inspired by anything in particular I just put together pieces which I liked and made sure I felt comfortable in them.

So here is my first and my favourite outfit piece! My silver platform shoes!

Silver Platform Shoes

Shoes from Mohito

When I first saw these shoes I was making fun of them with my cousin, but then I was like, wait hold on these would go well with some clothes and they are different! They are cool! So I bought them and the rest is history(filled with many compliments)!

Although these shoes appear a bit intimidating with their high platform, they are incredibly comfortable.

Silver shoes and ripped jeans

Silver on Silver

I wore my ripped jeans that I bought at a local boutique in Nysa, Poland called Modena. I bought a few other great pieces from that boutique, which I will feature in my other blog posts.

I paired my shoes and jeans with a nice simple tank top I bought at some store in Poland(I forget the name) And I topped my outfit off with my nice long beige wrap coat, which I bought at a local boutique also in Nysa, Poland called Marilyn.

This is me wearing my complete outfit(minus shoes-because I was in pain from the day before in my other shoes) at the Skyscraper Museum in NYC.

Skyscraper museum blogger

At the Skyscraper Museum, NYC

nyc best fashion blogger

Full Outfit

I love this outfit and I received so many compliments from it but most importantly I felt comfortable in it. I have never been the one to take fashion risks but when I do I think it looks good. For the first time in my life I am comfortable enough with with my style so I thought I would share it. If you enjoy my first fashion post let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your feedback! Leave your email in the subscriber list to be updated on more of my fashion and travel adventures or follow me on my social media!

I love you my Free Spirits <3

Side thought* I personally don’t like supporting large retail companies because I associate larger brands with exploitation, whether that be slave labour or not paying their retail employees enough money. So I saved up a lot of my money in canada so that I was able to do a lot of shopping at local boutiques in Poland. A decision which was totally worth it. #supportlocalboutiques

Outfit Details:

  • Ripped Jeans: Modena Boutique in Nysa, Poland
  • Silver Shoes: Mohito
  • Long Beige Wrap Coat: Local Boutique in Nysa, Poland called Marilyn.

Location Details: Skyscraper Museum in Battery Park City, NYC.


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