Prague Day 2-3 Adventures! Princess Exploring the Castle

Hello Free Spirits,

For those of you following along on my Prague adventures you are in for a great surprise on todays post! This post will highlight attractions from Day 2 and 3 all around Prague!
My day started off with a visit to this cute little Parisian inspired cafe called Patisserie right by our apartment!

I loved it because of  the beautiful interior decorations and the lavish delicious looking food. This isn’t your average Tim Hortons cafe, which is shit compared to this. I mean just look at the interior design of this place. I felt like a princess here. And I must say their croissants and jams were pretty darn good!

Patisserie Cafe in Prague

After Breakfast we walked through New Prague again just to explore the area a bit more.

Beautiful modern Architecture

Beautiful Architecture in Prague

On our walk I discovered a rotating head statue. I did a little google research and discovered that the statue was the Head of Franz Kafka(a German novelist) famous for his novels and short stories.

State of Franz Kafka

Statue of Franz Kafka

We then walked over to Old Town Prague but first we had to cross over the famous Charles Bridge. A bridge that is not only architecturally impressive but it is over 600 years old! WOW! Although I didn’t take many photos from the Charles Bridge I had my mom take a candid shot of me standing at one of the towers!

Crossing over into Old Town Prague

Old Town was so overwhelming, overwhelming as in good there was so much to see. My favourite was Old Town Square there were a few attractions that stood out to me.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square

One of them being the Astronomical Clock and the City Hall. Hundreds of people were facing the Astronomical clock and at first I thought they were part of the wedding ceremony taking place, but it turned out that these people were all looking at the Astronomical clock. What many people find so significant about it is that every hour the windows on the clock open and the twelve disciples make an appearance.

We discovered that there is an observation deck on top of the astronomical clock so we decided to do some exploring.(photo’s coming up soon) To go up top you can take the stairs or the elevator. I would recommend taking the stairs because you can learn a lot about Prague’s history through the information plaques on the walls. Some interesting pieces of information I discovered were that: Public Executions were common: Many people part of the Czech Estates uprising were executed for trying to limit the royal power.  Or how the city hall suffered a bit of damage during the second world war after the Nazi flags were taken down and the Czech Flags put up. I really enjoyed the time I spent reading all that information. And after about 20 minutes I made it to the top where I witnessed some beautiful views like this….

Old Town Square


Travel Blogger in Prague

We spent the afternoon walking around the Jewish Quarter which was home to a lot of synagogues and the street leading up to the Jewish Quarter was lined with designer stores such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. I considered this street to be the fifth avenue of Prague. It was a very nice place to walk around.

For some lunch I tried a vegan sandwich at the only vegan restaurant I could find in the area. I was not happy with my sandwich, there was no flavour and it was very bland tasting. I’m pretty sure that there were more in the area but I found what I could according to signs on the street.

vegan meal in prague

In the land of meat and potatoes it is difficult to make a healthy meat and dairy free choice. 🙁

In the evening we went out for dinner at the White Horse restaurant which I found on google. it had great reviews so I decided to give it a shot. We got lost a bit and it was starting to rain but it was so much fun walking around the beautiful Prague. The restaurant was full outside so we decided to sit downstairs in the ancient cellar. It was so beautiful!!!

The white horse in Prague

The white horse in Prague

Accompanying our dinner there was live music playing, which had my sister guessing the price of the dinner would be astronomical. But I payed around $17 Canadian for both my spaghetti and beer. Which is not too bad.

The white horse in Prague spaghetti

My Spaghetti and Beer

Of course you can buy food for much cheaper but here all the food and drinks as well as the atmosphere were worth the price!

We finished off our day and recharged for Day 3 of our adventures.

Day 3 

Today was the day we conquered the Prague Castle which was one of my favourite attractions here.

Prague castle from distance

The line outside of the front gate of the Prague castle appeared to be really long.

Line before the Prague Castle I thought we would be there for an hour or two but we moved quickly and we were inside the premises in about 40 minutes. While my family waited in line I wandered my own way and snuck into a english tour of the premises surrounding the castle. During this tour I  learned that the Prime Minister of Czech Republic was in the building because the flag outside was standing upright on the mast. I also learned that many presidents and architects were Free Masons. I remember my friend told me this before and although I wasn’t really convinced hearing it from a tour guide confirmed it for me.

Once we got through security we were free to roam around the premises but in order to get into the buildings we had to have purchased an entry ticket. The prices for that you can find here.

I took a guided tour of the St.Vitus Cathedral and other buildings which cost me around $5.

Prague Castle ChurchThe tour was very well done and I learned a lot. For example: The famous Christmas song Good King Wenceslas was written about one of the Czech King’s. He was rumoured to be a great person, and was frequently found feasting with the poor, he bought out slaves and set them free and was know to work in the field with the local people. Even though it is impossible to know who killed him, it was rumoured his brother stabbed him to death in front of the church. Right when the priest closed the doors on him. Keep in mind that there was no way of knowing the truth, news got around very slowly. So no one knows exactly what happened to him. Either way he can be my king any day. Another fun fact is that the church was built in two separate time periods, which were 500 years apart. What halted the construction was the civil war that took place in Prague.

Here are some photos from the Church:

prague castle church exterior


St.Vitus Cathedral interior


After the Cathedral  while snacking on my Paprika flavoured Lay’s chips(which are bomb) I walked around exploring the little town called Golden Lane. Here are some photos of the buildings there.

Prague Castle Golden Lane

I really liked the fortune tellers home.

Fortune Tellers Home in Golden Lane

She was a pretty cool lady because she predicted the length and the end of the war. The king didn’t like the information she was giving out so he murdered her. So unfortunate.

We went on to explore the Palace Gardens which were absolutely beautiful here are some photos of the place.

Prague Castle Gardens

Prague Castle Gardens

Prague Castle Gardens

Prague Castle Gardens

After the Prague Castle tour we walked back to our apartment to figure out our dinner plans but before we got there we couldn’t resist stopping for a quick little snack(Curved potatoes on a stick).

Curved potatoes on a Stick in Prague

Nice and Salty mmmm

I spent the rest of my day relaxing and messaging my friends and boyfriend. It was a great day and I  had the best sleep so far this trip.

In the morning I leave for Poland, to spend two and a half more weeks with my family in the farm town of Nysa!

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I love you all!

Happy travelling my Free Spirits!

Love, Nicole


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