It’s Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for (PPP)Picking Potatoes in Poland

Hello Free Spirits,

Happy Thanksgiving Day from Poland! I have a lot to be grateful for here. The food here is all organic, I have some nice cool weather and my family is here with me. #blessed

For those of you that know me you know that I am a huge potato fan. From fries, vegan poutine, vodka to chips i love everything potato.

Curved potatoes on a Stick in Prague

My curved potato on a stick in Prague.

Even Humpty Dumpty was one of my favourite rhymes as a kid. These tubers are my fave crop for sure ūüėČ Hahaha

So imagine the excitement in my life when I learned that my grandma needs help picking potatoes from the farm. I was totally ready for the challenge.

On October 1 this dream of mine was fulfilled and I got to see my favourite foods in their natural habitat before consumption.

For those of you city dwellers reading this post, potatoes don’t grow on trees they grow deep in the ground. My grandma has someone sow the potatoes in her land around early May and then picks them from the ground come late September/early October.

Here in Poland Potato picking is a whole family event. We had 10 people help with the picking, each lane had about 2 people pick and sort the potatoes.

family picking potatoes

Early picking

Before the picking began my uncle got on the tractor and raked the ground so that the potatoes were shaken onto the soils surface.

Potatoes after the raking

This made it easier to pick them, instead of having to dig for them(like they used to do before technology took over). Then the sorting began by hand. The smaller potatoes potatoes went in the blue bin while the larger ones were placed in the blue bucket.

potato sorting

When the buckets were full we dropped them into the larger potato bags we had on site. These potato bags would be stored in the basement for the rest of the winter.


My uncle drove over the field a few more times with the tractor to make sure no potato was left behind. While he was making final rounds I snuck over to the other side of the farm and “helped clean” the raspberry bushes for the winter.

By clean I mean eat ;)

By clean I mean eat all of them;)

While snacking on all the raspberries I had a nice conversation with our neighbour who was picking apples from his apple tree. He offered me one to try and I loved it!!! Unlike the apples here in Canada which I am convinced have some added sugar. These natural organic apples had a nice tarty flavour that wasn’t too sweet. These apples were also half the size of our regular organic ones here in Canada. I asked the neighbour(Bronislaw) if he uses pesticides on his farm and he said he doesn’t use them because he doesn’t need to. I told him about the excessive use of pesticides in Canada and he shared with me a story about one of his friends who owns a apple farm where they sell apples to grocery stores. Turns out that they keep a seperate piece of land for pesticide free apples for themselves while they sell the apples they spray with pesticides. All though it might seem evil to do that, it makes sense business wise. No body wants to eat a crop eaten by insects(unless you are me of course, and your motto is insect loves it, it means its healthy). But if these farmers are growing a separate pesticide free crop it is for a good reason. They know what’s up.

After that nice conversation I explored the remainder of my grandmas garden. Here are some photos of other beautiful vegetables.

Overall it was a great day. So this Thanksgiving day I would like to thank all the organic farmers of the world for the work they do.

Happy thanksgiving from the farm

Happy Thanksgiving my Free Spirits!

What are you grateful for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Love, Nicole N


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