What I witnessed at the Pit Bull Ban Protest. And why I think the Ban went through..

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On September 4, I was in Old Montreal with my tour group for a walking tour of Montreal. On my tour route right in front of Old City Hall I noticed that there were more dogs than usual in the area. As I approached the park in front of Old City Hall(Place de la Dauversière), I thought I reached heaven on earth! There were hundreds of dogs of all types of breeds and size gathered in the park with their owners. My first guess was that there was some sort of protest going on that involved dog rights. It was my mission to figure it out.

I walked around the city in my free time and asked random dog owners about what was going on.

Pit Bull Ban Protest In Montreal

During the Protest

One Pit Bull owner told me that the mayor of Montreal wants to ban the sale of Pit Bull dogs because they believe they are dangerous. Another source told me that the mayor is in favour of euthanizing larger dogs and specifically Pit Bulls because they are considered a dangerous breed. His idea to do so according to Vice news , “ was prompted by the death of Christiane Vadnais who died after being attacked by a neighbours dog, in June this year.”  This law in effect will make it mandatory that large/Pit Bull dogs be:

  • Muzzled on outings outside the home;
  • Kept on a leash with a maximum length of 1.25 metres, except in dog runs or areas enclosed by a fence at least 2 metres high;
  • Supervised by a person 18 years or older;
  • Wearing an ID tag issued by the City.

Being an animal rights activist myself I was infuriated with this decision. For the longest time dogs were free from rules and regulations.

A Vice article raised some very interesting points such as “there is no evidence to prove that dog bites and attacks on humans are reduced by these bans. What is proven is that dogs are needlessly put down, harnessed and muzzled. And here in Toronto Ontario, where the pit bull ban has been in place since 2005. Dog Bites have actually gone up.”

If this is the case then why are we doing this? Lets think critically here. I like to ask myself the following question: who will benefiting from this the most? Obviously the dogs don’t have a say in this, so they will not be benefiting. Thousands of dog owners disagree with this law, then why is it in place? It is quite possible that some industries will benefit the most most from this decision. For example the companies selling dog muzzles($10-50) will see an lifetime increase in sales. The new law put in place also states that all dogs must be registered($150), vaccinated and microchipped($75) and any dogs found on the street that will not have the following done will be euthanized. Adoption centres and veterinarians will see a huge increase in their incomes as the average cost to licence adoption fee($30), microchip ($75) and city permit($150) are all costs that add up over time. This discourages people from low income families in purchasing a dog. Pit Bulls in adoption shelters before tomorrow will be euthanized, as well as other Pit Bulls that appear in shelters. Why is this a big problem? Well on average every year about a third, or 700, meet the city’s standard as pit bulls. From a business perspective euthanizing these dogs will save a lot of money in the long term for the SPCA. Larger dogs eat more and require more care therefore I believe that  this decision will help save the adoption centres lots of money by reducing running costs. Absolutely disgusting.

Yes there are some aggressive dogs but all dogs shouldn’t have to be punished for the negative actions of a few dogs. Doing so would be like saying “My Ex Boyfriend was an asshole therefore all guys are an asshole”

What I witnessed at the BSM protest was peaceful behaviour. You know why. A good owner means a good dog. Thousands of dogs, I’m not exaggerating, were walking at the protest with their owners. I did not see a single dog fight, attack or crazy barking. Instead I witnessed lots of happy dogs some which were joyfully playing with each other and their owners. There was lots of love and peace. It was a beautiful moment that brought me to tears.

Pit Bull Ban Protest In Montreal

Thousands of human and dog protesters at the BSM protest


Dogs cooling off after the protest

This whole experience lead me to ask the the question: If big dogs are so aggressive then why didn’t I get attacked or see any violence at this event. Oh that’s right its because they aren’t.

To break it down for you other reasons why I hate this bill:

-Big Dogs that don’t have owners will be euthanized.

-Dogs have their freedoms taken away. Imagine being in a muzzle all day not being able to lick your owners hand or properly have a drink.

If you love animals and dogs share this article with your friends and encourage them to make a difference by

1)Sharing this article

2) Sign this petition on change.org

3) Email the Mayor of Montreal and tell him how you feel https://mairedemontreal.ca/en/send-message-mayor 

4) Fight for your rights and respect your dog or adopt a pit bull dog at a local shelter.

Thank you for reading my free Spirits! Lets make a difference, this bill is in effect tomorrow Monday, Oct. 3. I cant believe thesis happening. I thought the protest was very well done and effective. Now that this went through we need to fight for our animals rights. I love you all !

-Nicole N










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