Doomies’ Vegan Restaurant

Hello Free Spirits,

This is Nicole and I’m back with another great article about one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Toronto! Welcome to Doomie’s an all vegan restaurant in Parkdale which is great for those vegan cheat days. It breaks all of the preconceived stereotypes (expensive, fancy and healthy) about vegan restaurants! Their sign on the wall even says “no salad served here” or something like that.

Roomies Toronto Vegan Restaurant

This place has the personality of  the cool vegan in all of us, from the interior decorations, the food and their washroom!

Favourite vegan cartoons at Doomie's

The breast milk cartoon :’)

Their Washroom is filled with funny Vegan Cartoons by U.K. artist the Vegan Sidekick. This one is my all time favourite.

The food on their menu is reasonably priced and yes even though you will see options like mac and cheese pulled pork bun and chicken and waffles, there is no meat or dairy in ANYTHING!!!! Unbelievable, it might be a little hard to believe but it’s true and absolutely delicious.

The first time I went there I ordered myself a Chicken and Waffles dish and my boyfriend ordered a pulled pork and mac and cheese bun.

Vegan Chicken and Waffles

Vegan Chicken and Waffles

I enjoyed the imitation chicken in the waffles but I would not order it again. The texture of the imitation chicken was great but I personally wasn’t a big fan of the seasonings, I thought it was a little bland and dry. One chicken piece was enough for me, but my boyfriend LOVED it. So he ate the rest of it. My fries were topped with maple syrup and imitation butter(margarine) which tasted like the real deal. I was pretty impressed with the dish.

Vegan Pulled Pork and Mac and Cheese at Doomies

BBQ Puller Pork with the (Xtra Fun Nacho Fries)

I took a taste of my boyfriends meal and I was in love!!! The pulled pork(vegan of course) would make a meat eater convert to veganism. And the Macaroni and cheese to top it off would make the dairy industry ashamed. IT WAS SO GOOD!! Now every time I go to Doomie’s I get the (BBQ Puller Pork) with the (Xtra Fun Nacho Fries) side.

Here is some more food porn for you to enjoy!

Have Fun with your culinary adventures my Free Spirits and enjoy the Vegan lifestyle, cause as we know we aren’t deprived of good food including junk food 🙂

Till next time!

Love, Nicole

Doomie’s Address: 1263 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L5


  • Price: $11-30
  • Atmosphere:  Styled to look like a bar/diner. They like promoting you their drink specials. It is a great place for fun nights out and birthdays.
  • Quality: Very good quality food but I’m not sure if they use organic ingredients.
  • Presentation: Uhm are you sure its vegan? You will find yourself asking that question often so their presentation is amazing! Even the food texture resembles meat or dairy.
  • Would I go there again: Yes I would! But not too often. Their stuff is fairly greasy, and therefore not a place to visit daily.

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