Apiecalypse NOW! Pizza & Snack Bar

Hello Free Spirits,

I was driving back from my work office this afternoon and I was in the mood for some healthy food so I grabbed a salad and some kombucha from Whole Foods. But I was craving a bit more I mean being Vegan isn’t all about eating salad, you feel me?! My boyfriend was driving along Bloor Street and then boom my boyfriend noticed the Vegan Pizza Place Apiecalypse NOW! He mentioned how it was featured in Blog TO and had great reviews so we decided to stop by and pick up a slice for ourselves.

Walking into the store was like magic!! The first thing I saw was the display of donuts and other desserts.APIECALYPSENOW! desserts and donuts

Like who needs Pizza when you have these awesome Vegan desserts!!

But the Pizza on display looked amazing!!! Just like the real thing bit without all the real cheese. For the raw vegans out there this place has pizza’s available without any cheese.APIECALYPSENOW! vegan pizza

APIECALYPSENOW! vegan pizza Toronto Island vegan Pizza

We both got the Toronto Island Pizza!

APIECALYPSENOW! vegan donut coconut cream pie

We couldn’t resist this dessert so we got it to-go!

We were in a bit of a rush so we got our pizza slices and donuts to go, and decided to eat them at home! Here is the beautiful set up at our dinner table

Vegan Pizza in Toronto!

Heathrow the cat joined us for dinner.


This vegan pizza was amazing! I could tell that they used Daiya cheese. And although my boyfriend isn’t a fan of daiya cheese on its own, he said that it was very good on the pizza. The ingredients on the Toronto Island Pizza worked very well together. The sweet pineapple chunks, vegan bacon bits, oregano, hickory BBQ soy curls, and vegan cheese were a delicious combination. In my opinion it was very different from a real pizza so If I was a non vegan I would find the texture of the cheese a bit strange and lacking that fatty taste and grease you get from regular pizza. If I was in the area again I would buy another slice of this pizza without a thought! Its a great healthy and delicious choice!

Coconut cream pie vegan donut

As for the donut it was amazing! The coconut cream pie melted in my mouth and the taste of all the coconut flakes wasn’t over powering but it was nicely seasoned with cinnamon and liquid sugar. The coconut cream was my favourite part and I wish there was more of it! I would eat it with a spoon as pudding if I could!  In my opinion it was 10 times better than a donut from Tim Hortons and It didn’t give me a heavy feeling after eating it. Thats the best part about vegan food for me I don’t feel bloated and groggy after eating plant based foods. Overall I had a great experience with the food here and as your friend I would recommend you go and take a look, or maybe a bite 😉

Have a great day my Free Spirits!

Love, Nicole

More Information

  • Address: 735 Bloor Street West, Toronto. (Right across from Christie Pits Park)
  • Their Website: http://www.apiecalypsenow.com
  • Prices are very decent 🙂 About $4 for a Pizza Slice
  • Are there places to sit? Yes there is plenty of seating space!
  • Overall Rating: 9/10

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