Vegan Mac and Cheese at Smac’s

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You all know the feeling, the desire and need for greasy oozing cheese. It happens to the healthiest of us, especially vegans. I mean eating fruits and vegetables all the time can take a toll on you emotionally 😉 Well if you are craving greasy cheesy comfort food and want to stay healthy, or if you are vegan, I have some amazing news for you!! In the bustling city of New York more specifically Manhattan near the Empire State building there is a wonderful place called SMAC’s. Smac's restaurant in NYC

This place is famous for its Macaroni and Cheese, so you know its a good place to go to satisfy your cravings.

Oh yeah and they also have a liquor license so its a perfect place to satisfy your carb craving before a night out of drinking. There is a lot of seating available so it makes it great for large hangouts but it’s spacious layout makes it also nice for that quick lunch date.Smac's seating

They have vegan friendly options which I really respect. Although I haven’t tried the non vegan mac and cheese here, I was a huge mac and cheese enthusiast back when I lived the non vegan life. And my first vegan mac and cheese experience was love at first bite! Cheesy I know 😉

Smac's vegan mac and cheese

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Smac's vegan mac and cheese

Breadcrumbs Galore!

My non vegan friends even approved of the taste, it tasted like real mac and cheese. Here are some more close up photos to satisfy your food porn cravings.Smac's vegan mac and cheese

Here are the exact ingredients of what I ordered so that if you ever go back there you can order the same great dish!

  • I ordered the size: Nosh Vegan mac and cheese with breadcrumbs and three add ins: Spinach, Broccoli, and shiitake mushrooms.
  • Where to get this heavenly dish? 157 East 33rd Street between Lexington and 3rd avenues
  • Is it Vegan friendly: YES
  • Can I do take out? YES and you can also order a frozen mac and cheese dish and bake it at home!
  • Is there Free Wifi: NO
  • Alcohol friendly: YES- they have beer!
  • Bike lane friendly: Yes lots of bike racks around location.


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I love you all and wish you a great day!

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