Niagara Falls-Romantic Two Day Trip

Hello Free Spirits,

My boyfriends birthday was a few weeks ago, and for this special occasion I decided to spoil my man with a surprise trip to Niagara Falls! I drove down to niagara falls without taking any major highways because for some reason I have this fear of speed. Even though it took an extra hour, during this time we drove through random beautiful towns on our way to the falls!

I kept the activities a secret and I didn’t let my boyfriend know where were going! Just to mess with him, I told him we were visiting an Amish community in niagara. He was a little confused but he knew I was joking around. But little did he know the place we would be stopping was “amish community like”.

2 hours later we arrived at a winery called Pembrook, the reason I chose Pembroke over other wineries in the niagara on the lake region is because it is the only one that is biodynamic and organic.13227031_10156881953780514_8112780146957911914_n

Oh and not only that their building was very cool and completely Gold LEED certified!South brook winery


Making it a complete sustainable and eco friendly package. Out of all fruits Grapes have one of the highest rates of pesticide residual on the skin. So having organic wine was very important for me, I don’t want my body to absorb any more chemicals. Other wineries (all which use pesticides) will tell you that it is very difficult to maintain a organic farm in the niagara region because the grape skins are sensitive. I believe that what they are saying is bullshit, it isn’t difficult it just might require more skilled labour and effort and possibly more money.

13220861_10156882000860514_278480509963346038_nPembrook proved that running an organic vineyard is possible and that it can be a very successful venture.

Their hospitality pavillion- the main building became the first winery building to receive the Gold Level of LEED(Leadership in Energy Environmental design). Natural lighting floods their building through all the windows, eliminating the need to use electricity


They save more energy by having sheep and goats roam and eat the grass outside instead of using a lawnmower. The sheep and goat waste also fertilize the land. They also follow the lunar cycles when farming. South brook treats their winery as being a living entity, embodying the true definition of biodynamic!13173660_10156881954505514_965831144803641575_n

We had a wine tasting tour which included tasting four of their wines!We loved the dry white wine as well as their red ice wine!


Orange Wine

I will be back for their Orange wine the next time I visit the niagara region. Let me tell you why! This wine tastes like Kombucha(a fermented tea which has been around for thousands of years) which I love and am obsessed with!! It is made out of the grape stems, and the grapes giving it that unique flavour!

I believe that this wine is packed with more antioxidants than the regular wines because you are fermenting the whole plant. And because there are no pesticides used Pembrook makes fermenting the whole grape plant possible without drinking a chemical concoction.

I was very impressed with the quality of the wines and their whole company culture as well as their bio-dynamic and organic farming and winemaking practises! A company I will fully support from now on.


Afternoon Adventures:

After our amazing wine tasting experience at Southbrook we headed over to the little historic town of Niagara on the Lake for some lunch. We dined at Corks and ordered what the restaurant considered the #1 fish and chips.

I have no idea from where they were considered the best fish and chips but I need to say that they were pretty darn good. And the meal was a great portion! All for around $20 per person!


Then we walked over to my favourite coffee place in niagara on the lake “Victoria Gallery”. Here I bought my dad some ice wine flavoured tea which he loves! Every time I come here I get their ice wine coffee or tea to go! It tastes amazing it is great quality and for a large cup less than $3!

On our way to the lake ontario/niagara river view we took a stroll around the town and stopped at the Romance Gallery! The name was very fitting for the event 😉13239446_10156904641840514_7471397440601699138_n


After Niagara on Lake we drove down the Niagara Parkway where we stopped at the worlds smallest church and walked around some farmland!

After that adventure we drove straight down to our hotel!

We stayed at “The Best Western”. I booked our room through Groupon and I chose the couples package option!

The room blew my mind! We not only had a queen sized bed which I expected but we had a massive open concept jacuzzi! We were on the fifth floor and had a nice city view overlooking the skyline tower and IMAX movie theatre!

Best Western in Niagara Falls

The room package included many other goodies such as winery passes, and casino credits. To view more information about the hotel and the package I booked please subscribe and follow me on social media. I will be posting an article about my stay at the best western hotel, including how you can get a good deal with best western!

We drank some of the amazing ice wine we bought at South Brook and then head out to watch a Magic Show at the Greg Firkin Theatre! I have been to a few magic shows throughout my elementary, high school and university years. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this! The other magic shows were average compared to this one! Greg’s performance blew my mind!!!13245397_10156904653600514_2861895084176928071_n

It was the best magic show  I’ve ever seen in my life! I kept looking over at my boyfriends face during the show and he was in shock and awe most of the time! And so was I! There was an hour and half of great entertainment and magic. The classic card tricks where played as well as the cloth tricks! But what I didn’t see coming was the transformation of Greg himself into a Bengal tiger! I don’t want to spoil the show for you but I want to share my excitement with you 😉

Greg Frewin Theatre There was also one magic trick where he was put in a terminator machine and then cut in half by the chainsaw. Then one second later he appeared in the middle of the theatre. UMMM “WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED? Unbelievable.

The animals used during the magic show have been adopted from zoo’s or other shelters which could no longer take care of them. I am a big animal rights person and although I do not like supporting animal cruelty, the fact that these animals were adopted rather than selectively captured for their entertainment made me respect the productions.The animals looked very healthy, well fed and taken care of.

Greg Firkin

We got a signed photo!

After the show we got a chance to take a photo with the tiger in the crate. We look so funny in this photo my boyfriend looks like a 13 year old and I look like a different person* who was extremely terrified which was technically the truth. The tiger was making loud purring and grunting noises beside me in the crate. After that cool photo session we picked up our photo and got it signed by the magician himself! While waiting in line and pondering my sanity after that magic show. I had to ask one of the dancers if they were real. She let out a big smile and laugh telling me that they are real people and if I want to see and talk to the other girls they are still on stage. I left the show questioning the reality we live in.

Our night finished off with a visit to Clifton Hill, or what I would consider a wannabe Las Vegas strip.Clifton Hill

all smiles in nfWe stopped at Boston Pizza to fulfill our late night munchies.

Boston Pizza in Niagara Falls

Happy at Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza Nachos


After Dinner we walked down to the Falls and saw the Niagara Falls light show!niagara falls at night It was beautiful the falls were lit up with high beam lights from the illumination tower!illumination tower

Niagara falls at night We had a great day! It was time for us to rest after our long day.

In the morning we walked about 10 minutes from our hotel to see and take photos of the American and Canadian falls.Niagara falls blogger

We were all smiles from the whole trip. We had such a great time, till next time Niagara Falls.

Love, Nicole N

If you are heading down to niagara falls and love the activities I mentioned in my blog then I can send you free copy of my niagara falls trip itinerary. It includes a list of all the activities mentioned on todays blog.

Have a great day Free Spirits! Keep travelling and supporting your local ethical businesses!


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