World Leader in Wind Energy- Denmark

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Life is going very well and even though I am very busy with studying for exams I like to keep myself entertained with good news about what is going on in the world.  I must share with you something that made me jump for joy this week. I learned that Poland announced late last year that they will exclude Monsanto’s crops from their farmlands! And even better news is that they joined 13 other nations so far in excluding Monsanto’s controversial crops. I will have another article out soon about why I dislike Monsanto but for now I want to focus on something a bit more positive! And that is that there are people and countries out there that have their minds open to sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. This weeks topic is Green Energy and who is doing it right.

And Who is doing it right?!



Denmark is doing it right!

Currently they are the worlds leaders in Wind Turbine electricity generation. After experiencing high volumes of wind for a long time Denmark saw this phenomenon as a opportunity to generate wind energy. And in 1979 they started their own wind turbine movement. This has been a great success and today, more than 40% of Denmark’s energy supply comes from wind power and the plan is to reach 50% by 2020.

Denmark is my inspiration for this reason: As per their 2012 Energy Act, their goal is to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels and have wind energy make up a very large part of the energy mix by 2020!

Denmark Wind Energy

Wind Turbines sitting on what we be considered non arable land

What is great is that three-quarters of Denmark’s wind capacity comes from onshore windfarms, and they have strong government support! Government support is sooooo important, especially when implementing sustainable energies. Many governments have many oil/gas/coal/nucleur energy companies lobbying them daily. Imagine what would happen if more countries would adopt more sustainable energies. Up till the 1970’s, Denmark had been highly dependent on imported energy, primarily oil from the Middle East. But now they are able to power their own country as well as sell their electricity to other countries like Norway, Germany and Sweden whenever there have excess. Completely eliminating the need for oil from the middle east will improve so many lives, not to mention reduce the carbon emissions.

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